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Mindfulness & Practice

By michael nolden

FRI JUL 31, 2020

During these turbulent and unsettling times, in which many believe are historic in magnitude, mindfulness practices speak to a need for compassion in social settings and public discourse. Mindful awareness prepares our speech, enhances our compassion with others (and ourselves), and soothes the heart by recognizing we are connected to a common humanity.

This is an invitation to join Michael Nolden, Ed.D, every Monday (free of cost) at 12:00 PM (PST) for Mindfulness & Practice 30 min drop-ins through Compassion Health Coaching. Mindfulness & Practice is intended to provide a space for grounding and settling the mind. Mindfulness and meditation practitioners of all abilities are welcome to attend. The greatest gift we can provide to the world around us, is a commitment to kindness and mindful awareness.


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