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Compassion Health Coaching

By michael nolden

FRI JUN 12, 2020

Compassion Health Coaching

With great enthusiasm and joy, Fran and Michael Nolden wish to welcome you to Compassion Health Coaching. This newsletter serves as an initial launch into an exciting and vibrant stage in our careers. Lifelong educators, we are embarking in new directions.

Compassion Health Coaching is a vision of well-being through the applied features of mindfulness, compassion and healthy life style motivation. We intend to offer curricula addressing educators, leaders, athletes, and life / health coaching sessions for the well-being goals of our clients. We are in the initial phases of creating services tailored to individual and group settings. Enter Compassion Health Coaching.

Compassion is needed now more than ever. We draw inspiration from the the words of Thupten Jinpa, "compassion needs an outlet" (6/5/20). Compassion Health Coaching values the space required that leans into trauma often associated with change.

Compassion is greatly misunderstood for its capacity to offer meaningful systemic well-being. To this end, Dr. Michael Nolden will host Mindfulness & Practice 30 Minute Drop-ins, on Monday's at 12:00 PM (PDT). If you wish, you may pre-register here.

It is our sincere joy to launch this endeavor. Both of us have dreamed of this for a long time. Join us in our journey of mindful and compassionate well-being, together.


Fran & Michael Nolden