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About Compassion Health Coaching

Michael P. Nolden, Ed.D

Fran D. Nolden, MA

An initial first step toward behavioral change is the awareness of desired goals. Compassion Health Coaching facilitates a client's vision of athletic balance and lifestyle change through the lens of mindfulness. Mindfulness supports the framework of self-compassion, presence and emotional balance. Emotional, physical and mental balance are fundamental to optimal well-being and physical health. The vision of Compassion Health Coaching is to facilitate mental, emotional and nutritional positive behaviors through a framework of mindful intent and sincere self-kindness.

Compassion Health Coaching serves educators, athletes, and coaches through individual consultations and specifically designed coursework. Compassionate Mindfulness for Teachers (CMT) and Mental Skills for Athletes (MSA) are 6-week mindfulness-based interventions designed to address larger audiences. Mindfulness & Practice 30 minute drop-in sessions (virtual) are held Wednesday's, 12:30 PM at no charge. Please join us by pre-registering for the drop-in events, in addition to receiving notifications of future class offerings and blog posts.

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Compassion Health Coaching

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